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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sarawak Trip 2013 Day 4

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sarawak Trip 2013 Day 3

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Pupil's Reflection

Wang Xin Tian (5 Inn)

Pupil's Reflection

Er Co Hoon - 4 United

Pupil's Reflection

Eugene Phua (5 Gra)

Pupil's Reflection

Hor Kia Ee (5 Innovative)

Day One and Two Reflection

About the places visited:  There are many families living in the long house but they live together peacefully without quarreling. It was very muddy and slippery during jungle trekking but I was able to come back to our bunks in one piece.

About the food:  The chicken rice is cooked with the bamboo that a uncle picked for us. It was different from the Hainanese chicken rice I usually eat, it is tastier and nicer.

About the people and culture you learnt about: The Bidayuh people make special cages to catch fishes and other small animals. People also buy it to decorate their houses. They wrap up seashells in sarongs during the Gawai festival

Sarawak Trip 2013 Day 2

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Sarawak Trip 2013 Day 1

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Friday, June 8, 2012

June 5 - 7, 2012.wmv

Slides Show for Day 1 to Day 3

Video was uploaded. Sorry for the delay. More photos and videos will be uploaded when i return to Singapore.

Monday, June 4, 2012

4D3N Combined UG Overseas Trip To Kahang, Malaysia


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Photos contributed by parents and teachers of Xin Yi Elementary School

Taipei Trip Day 5

The trip had ended and we are all back in Singapore safely. The children enjoyed the trip so much that they didn't want to leave Taipei. Nevertheless, all of us missed our friends and family in Singapore, and we were really excited when we finally arrived at Changi Airport late last night.

With this final set of photos, we have ended our 5 days learning journey. We would like to thank all the parents for your support and we hope you can continue to support your child in his/her respective UG activities.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Departing Hong Kong International Airport

Dear parents, we are now at Hong Kong International Airport. The flight CX715 will depart at 1955hrs later, we will be boarding soon. Do remember to pick up your children at Terminal 1 arrival hall. See you later!

Taipei Trip Day 4

Chongfu teachers were heartened to see all the students returning from the Homestay looking excited and eager to share their fun and adventure with their friends. All of them arrived with a glow on their faces, shopping bags and souvenirs to bring home for friends and family members. The day spent with the host families was truly the most memorable part of this trip, and we were really touched by the enthusiasm and warmth of our host.

To show our appreciation, we hosted a feast for the Principal, teachers and host families of Xin Yi Elementary School. The dinner marked the end of the Homestay Programme for the trip.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Taipei Trip Day 3

Last night, we had a lot of fun camping outdoors and sleeping with our schoolmates in the tents we pitched. Although the weather was turning quite cold, all of us managed to survive the night. In the morning, we were greeted with a warm Taiwanese breakfast of glutinous rice and soya bean milk.

After breakfast, we waited eagerly for the hike. The local tour agents informed us that we will be climbing the Elephant mountain (象山), which is one of the famous "Four Beasts Mountains"( 四兽山) in Taipei. The foot of the mountain was within walking distance from the school, we were delighted when our buddies and many of their parents came to join us for the hike. Most of us were panting and perspiring along the way, it was not a easy hike but it was worth the effort as we enjoyed the breathtaking view of Taipei city and Taipei 101 at the different rest points.

We spent some time cleaning up the school and unpitching the tents before going back with our host families. We are looking forward to see our friends and share stories with them tomorrow!